Why not!

I’m getting a lot of questions from friends, family and coworkers about why we decided to pack up all of our belongings and hit the road. My answer is simple (at first): why the heck not! Most people stare at me wanting more of an answer and so I continue with the long-winded reason, ready for it:

About 4 years ago I was working full time as was Mark. It was the rat race of life. Get up, go to work, come home, kid’s activities, dinner, sleep, wake up and do all over again. For some this is great, for us we needed more. Not more in our schedule Geesh! But more out of life. Perhaps it was our ages and perhaps it was because my year at work had really burned me out. We knew there had to be more than just doing what we were doing. The cliché is that “life is short”. Well, that kind of got stuck in my head. Fast forward a few years:

We had moved into our new home and had been there for about 6 months. Although it was beautiful, we realized it was not working for our family. We decided to downsize and with that came the chance to be slightly more financially free. I can’t even remember who brought it up, myself or Mark, but an idea came to us “why don’t we take a year off and take the kids and just go”. That was a major scary moment. I mean, way out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know how to even process leaving my tiny bubble and taking 3 kids was also a daunting thought. We talked it out over a couple days, maybe a week. We starting thinking long term. That this opportunity was available and we would be fools to not take it. Down the road when we were old and sitting on our rockers on our porch (cause that it what it’s totally like, right?) we would have no regrets. I knew that as much as this venture scared and excited me, if we did not take it I would have this as a lifelong regret. I would regret that I didn’t do it and most of all I would regret that I didn’t give my children this amazing opportunity.

So there, it was decided. We were doing it!!