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3 euros can get ya really stressed!!

Written on November 5, 2017 in Greece

Athens – November 3rd to 5th 2017 We woke up to our first day in Athens to a whole bunch of noise. Our outdated hotel (I swear I was in the 80’s with the decor there) had thin walls and doors that barely latched and the sound traveled up and down the stairwells from other...

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Don’t go out at night, he says

Written on November 2, 2017 in Greece

Santorini to Athens – November 2nd 2017 6 days in Santorini passed pretty quick to be honest. It was time to get going. Plus we were almost the last guest to check out. End of season was now here and the staff were off for a few months to travel themselves! We were taking the...

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World famous sunset please!

Written on November 1, 2017 in Greece

Santorini – October 31st – November 1st 2017 We stayed near Black Sand beach, it was beautiful and cold!! We only made it there 2 days and didn’t last too long either. So we needed to get out more and explore and renting a car was a must, not really a must but the bus...

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Anyone want to get married in Greece?

Written on October 30, 2017 in Greece

Santorini – October 27th – 30th 2017 We arrived in Santorini without any issues. Quick flight, crazy landing beside a mountain on an island in the middle of the sea, you know, the regular stuff. The manager of the apartment/hotel we stayed at picked us up and helped us settle in. Two things were noted:...

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