Cairo – November 19th & 20th 2017

How on earth can you top a day exploring the Ancient Pyramids and the Sphinx? Well, you can’t really but you can come pretty close by going back to see more! Mark, Lucas and Taylor went back for more history and culture. Avery and I stayed back as my legs needing resting after all that pyramid climbing the day before (and I was just feeling a little extra tired). They got some great photos and videos, turned down desert camel rides and came back with some souvenirs.

Later that day we were able to get out of the hotel for a small walk around the area we were staying and decided to set up a taxi for the next day. We were planning on visiting the Museum the next day and doing some touring. With the ride set up we headed back for a quiet night and once again, the Pyramid show from our rooftop.

Fast forward to the middle of the night. I was hit with sickness. Like major sickness. I was in bed all day, not a chance I would make it to the museum. We decided to cut our losses and stay in, all of us. We found our driver and gave him a small amount to say “sorry” for canceling and laid low the rest of day.

Being sick on the road is not so great in many ways. You miss out on so much when you have a limited amount of time in one place and you sometimes are sick on travel days. No good! I was so worried because the next morning we were leaving Cairo and flying to Cape Town with a 10 hour layover in Dubai. Oh my, this was going to be rough, and I still think about missing the museum and how there would have been so many cool ancient Egyptian artifacts.

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