Dubai to Cape Town – November 22nd & 23rd 2017

After our long flight from Dubai (and lack of sleep from the long layover), I honestly can’t remember what time we landed. We were all tired but had to sort out SIM cards for our phones and wait for the car rental before leaving for our Airbnb in Fish Hoek (about 45 mins away).


We dragged our tired butts up a few flights of stairs (and all of our bags) and saw the amazing view from our living room window. We saw 2 comfy (and oversized) couches for us and we all had our own beds! Naps were going to happen ASAP and then we would explore!!

The next day we were all rested and walked down to the beach, which was right out our front door and across the street. Although the water was cooler than I expected, the sand was amazing. Soft and silky between our toes. We only went in to our knees but it was great to have a slow day and play in the water a bit.

Unfortunately living in close quarters has some drawbacks…we share germs. Taylor was sick in the middle of the night and Lucas was hit with being sick in the morning. Annnnd we were leaving for our first leg of driving The Garden Route. Puke buckets were brought with us and a quick stop to the pharmacy where we were loaded up with everything you can possibly think of to combat this stomach flu and we were on our way!!!

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