Posted in August 2017

She has the need for speed!

Written on August 31, 2017 in Switzerland

Glacier 3000 – August 31st 2017 An alpine coaster was something us and the kids were super excited about. When in the Alps!! We found what we were looking for at Glacier 3000. High in the Swiss Alps, we were going to go big or go home (not literally, but I believe it is the...

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More Cow Bell

Written on August 30, 2017 in Switzerland

Bern – August 30th 2017 We drove into Switzerland after Germany. It was our go to place where we needed to make the decision on whether we went west to France and Spain right away, or go south and tour Northern Italy first. We stayed in a small town in the mountains, in a cute...

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One can survive on a bag of pretzels, yes?

Written on August 29, 2017 in Germany

Rothenburgh ob der Tauber – August 29th 2017 We woke early and had to yank the kids out of bed almost. We couldn’t miss our breaky and had a date at a local bakery set for 9am. We sat for our breakfast and enjoyed a more traditional German continental meal. They served many meats and...

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Rothenburgh ODT, a step back in time

Written on August 28, 2017 in Germany

Rothenburgh ob der Tauber – August 28th 2017 Rothenburgh ob der Tauber had been on my list for months before we left. I have no idea where I first saw information about the town, but the pictures drew me in. Quaint little German town. Looking untouched for many hundreds of years. Coming from a relatively...

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Legoland makes Lucas’ Day

Written on August 27, 2017 in Germany

Legoland – August 27th 2017 The day of all days arrived. The one day Lucas was looking forward to most. The one day that we were pumping him up with excitement to try and get him over his nerves being on the trip. We had an early start and were staying pretty close to the...

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Now the kids want a rope swing

Written on August 26, 2017 in Germany

Worms – August 24th – 26th 2017 Our time in Amsterdam was short and as much as we loved staying on the boat, we were ready to leave and hit the road to WORMS! Worms Germany was not a place we picked for it’s lovely sightseeing, but rather a half way point to our next...

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Mom Fail #389

Written on August 23, 2017 in Netherlands

Amsterdam – August 23rd 2017 The night on the boat was super relaxing and perfect. We had set up a movie for the kids and they all got cozy! (They kind of had to with the lack of space 🙂 ) We woke up feeling ready to tackle another city. Amsterdam was going to be...

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How do you say “grumpy old man” in Dutch?

Written on August 22, 2017 in Netherlands

Brugge to Amsterdam – August 22nd 2017 We left Brugge after our quick 48 hours there and realized that we were actually super close to the beach. We drove through the little area and popped out in a seaside community and a lovely beach. We were already set for our drive to Amsterdam so I...

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Watch out for those horse carriages!

Written on August 21, 2017 in Belgium

Brugge – August 21st 2017 Waking up in Brugge, we finally got to see where we were (if you remember from last post, we arrived late at night). We ended up being in a cute little resort type place. Little bungalows were everywhere, signs for playground, pool and clubhouse were close by. We would try...

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