Last days in Reykjavik – July 19th & 21st 2017

Reykjavik was only a 10 minute drive from our Airbnb. We wanted to explore the city some more so we drove and parked at the big, iconic church: Hallgrimskirkja. I very much wanted to go up the tower and get some great shots of the city. But when the cost was going to be around $50 CND dollars for us to all go up, you pass and save the money for something else. Like Fish and Chips!!!

The city is easy to walk. There are cute cafes and shops all down the roads. There are older buildings that just draw you in with their character and charm. One thing that we noticed in Iceland was the OLD and NEW. The old was everywhere and the new was being built up and there was construction going on everywhere. Decor inside shops and restaurants (even Metro, the fake McDonalds from a previous post) was so modern inside.

Iceland was wonderful. Every single thing about it (even the high cost of some things didn’t bring us down). We shopped in the grocery store and made most of our meals and found it close to comparable for prices at home. Splurging at the restaurants was more pricey, but we expected it.

The people were friendly and kind and patient with us tourists. The roads were easy to navigate and for the most part in excellent condition. I have Iceland back on my list of places to visit. We didn’t even scratch the surface of all the things there are to see. I think next time we go back we get REALLY adventurous and get a camper van and tour the whole country!!!!!

Good bye Iceland. Next stop Ireland!

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