What are we, chopped liver?

Written on October 26, 2017 in Croatia

Dubrovnik – October 26th 2017 Our last day in Dubrovnik had come. We had one last thing we wanted to do, walk around the city walls. It was great exploring the city from above for a couple hours. After that it was time to catch the bus to the airport. It was sad actually. A...

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Our family loves a good cable car ride

Written on October 25, 2017 in Croatia

Dubrovnik – October 24th & 25th 2017 Dubrovnik had so much to offer. It was quaint and old and charming and beautiful. It also has a cable car up the mountain to give you some breathtaking views of the town and the gorgeous Adriatic Sea below! There had been rain and wind the day prior...

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Passports are like gold!!

Written on October 23, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Split to Dubrovnik – October 22nd & 23rd 2017 Good bye Split, it was fun and relaxing. We dropped our rental car off by the bus station, which was a great convenience as we were taking the bus to Dubrovnik. Why drive yourself when the bus will be just as easy, not too expensive and...

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How many steps does it take to climb up to the cave?

Written on October 19, 2017 in Croatia

Krka National Park – October 19th 2017 Our first Croatia adventure day had arrived. We were headed to Krka National Park. Not too far from Split, we drove and arrived in the later part of the morning. We purchased (our crazy expensive) tickets for the day and walked into the park. It was a bit...

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Japan owns it all

Written on October 16, 2017 in Vatican

Vatican City – October 15th & 16th 2017 So after our long day out exploring in Rome (Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps) we needed a good down day. We had a lazy morning, caught up a bit on school work (it was getting hard to get any done most of these days) and...

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I heart Rome

Written on October 14, 2017 in Italy

Rome – October 13th & 14th 2017 It was finally time for us to leave the Amalfi coast (we were ready! The oddly laid out rental with no WiFi had lost its charm days before haha). The 4 hour drive to Rome was pretty easy. We had gotten used to the crazy drivers on the...

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With our luck it would blow that day!

Written on October 12, 2017 in Italy

Mount Vesuvius – October 12th 2017 Vesuvius take 2! We had actually driven up to Vesuvius on our way to the Amalfi coast and were going to explore that day however high winds had closed the park and no entrance was allowed. So today was our redo day. No winds and clear-ish skies were in...

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A day in Pompeii

Written on October 11, 2017 in Italy

Pompeii – October 11th 2017 Today was a big adventure day in Pompeii. Ever since I was a kid I remember the stories of Pompeii. Learning about it in school was fascinating and I was so excited to see the ruins in person. We splurged for a tour guide for a couple of hours (normally...

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